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Get Jenna Started on Envisioning Ebony!

Goal: 6,500


Our Director of Creative Organization, Jenna Torres, has recently moved to GA! As you may recall, we were raising funds to help with her move and only made it close to halfway to her goal ($813/$2,000). Now that she’s getting settled in, she’s seeing what needs there are for activism in her area. As Community Organizer for Red Umbrella Project, an accomplished writer and speaker https://www.iamjennatorres.com/, the mother of three children and a survivor of a difficult childhood herself she has the unique skills and experience to really make a difference in her new community!

Her goal is to create Envisioning Ebony: a program for 16 to 24 year old youth with the objective to have a community center that will help with college educational tutoring, community services, hot meals, extracurricular activities such as sports, and business planning ideas that is specifically tailored towards young parents but is open to all who want to participate!

As anyone who has ever tried anything on this scale knows, it is almost impossible to do all of the organizational work to get a project like this off the ground and funded while juggling multiple jobs and a family! To help her get started, we’re aiming to help her cover her expenses such as $400 to file for a 501c3, $100 to get an LLC for her consulting business, medical bills for her and her family, transportation, childcare and general living costs for a few months so that she can have a stable foundation to focus as fully as possible on bringing her vision to life. Any investment our community can make to this end will certainly pay off in the difference it will be making for the young people whose lives she’ll be able to touch!