Help Delirium Rebuild Her Life

Help Delirium Sade Rebuild Her Life and Sex Work/Porn Career Through Dark Days Ahead in a Post-SESTA/FOSTA World in Her New Home

Goal: 1,500


"Delirium Sade is a 29 year old Deaf and mixed race/biracial Genderqueer/Trans woman whose situation has been severely impacted by SESTA/FOSTA due to her career as a sex worker and independent Queer/BDSM art porn performer, having lost her home, most of her income and had to relocate back to the Bay Area recently as of May 8th, 2018.


She has signed on to start a fundraiser with Lysistra MCCF with the goal of $1,500. This funding would go towards groceries, some bills to be paid, and other living expenses to give Delirium Sade much needed breathing room at her new private home, whilst preparing for thyroid cancer treatments, breast/vaginoplasty surgeries and to ensure that the $1,500 would help her survive the first 2 months of living in her new home and get all settled in.


It's been a very violent and traumatizing few months in her former home of Vermont, and Delirium Sade has suffered several trans hate crime attacks, and survived an sexual assault situation from a group of local white supremacists in Vermont. Now that she's safe and sound in her sanctuary home of San Francisco, she hopes to rebuild what the U.S. government and SESTA/FOSTA had taken away from her with her new work through Black Swan Productions this summer, so please help her get through the first 2 months of settling down and getting situated with living expenses, bus fares, groceries, etc., as she slowly rebuilds her brand, her new website and career from the ground up.


If you're not able to donate, please consider joining Delirium Sade's OnlyFans and Patreon fanclub platforms today or donate small amounts to her SquareCash account if possible. She's offering behind-the-scenes exclusive fanclub content on OnlyFans for just $10/month, and $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, or $10/month on Patreon for low-income/marginalized community members who are fans of Delirium's works that cannot afford her OnlyFans monthly subscription price, thus making it easier for marginalized fans to afford to continue enjoying the aforementioned behind-the-scenes fanclub exclusive content at much lower prices.


She also has a new Ko-Fi page as well, which you can view her most exciting SFW versions of her exclusive fanclub content, and will resume productions on her iWantClips/ManyVids platform this summer after the $1,500 fundraiser is complete. She also wants to let everyone know that any remaining funds that's not been used for her first two months' living expenses/needs will go to donate to other sex workers in need. You can visit all her links below for Ko-Fi, Patreon, iWantClips, iWantFanClub, OnlyFans and ManyVids."$deliriumsade