Invest in Jenna’s Transformative Work

Invest in Jenna's Transformative Work

My Name is Jenna! I’m a 24 year old mom of 3 and rapidly expanding to become a mom of 4. After recently being separated from a job and developing a high risk pregnancy, I had to get very creative about how I will earn an income. I recognize a lot of jobs I have applied for inherently put me and my pregnancy at risk. I had to brainstorm my skills and what I can offer the world in exchange for resources to care for my growing family. My solution is to fundraise finances for a year to safely deliver my child and recover while making the world a better place.

I’m a poet, writer, educator, social justice advocate and more. I would like to use this year to develop trainings for those working with marginalized around best practices and community guided solutions, develop retreats that address trauma and getting back to community, increasing equity within black and brown communities, and have creative outlets for young people such as writing camps or showcases because poetry literally saved my life. I want a year to restructure my life, to have flexibility of taking care of myself and family, and give back to the world without the stress of unpaid rent and bills that impact my credit.

I have a goal of raising 40k over the next 12 months. In return awesome programs will be created and launched. Trainings will be booked, shifting narratives and creating change will continue and it has and will continue to be paid forward through allowing me to also pay people for their helping hand in my projects. Throughout the year you will also be updated about ongoing projects and get special invites to upcoming events!