Core Volunteer Team

Our team and membership consists entirely of current and former sex workers who are familiar with the ups and downs of working in the industry as well as the difficulties and discrimination faced by sex workers when we seek to organize to improve our quality of life and working conditions.

Aryella K.

Aryella has been working in mental health advocacy for 15 years now. She is also active in therapeutic arts programs for neurodiverse and marginalized folx. Aryella is a stripper who sees that a lot of folx in the sex industry live with neurodiversity that often makes the work far more difficult from a mental, emotional and sensory perspective. She is working on ways to bridge gaps in care by finding non judgmental mental healthcare providers, teaching and writing about self care techniques and researching self administered remedies and meditations.

Cecilia S.

Cecilia was born and raised in New York by a single immigrant mother and has since lived in Europe and Australia. She is a 25-year-old Brooklyn-based queer activist and artist and has worked in the sex industry for almost four years. Cecilia lives with chronic pain and fatigue as a result of fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and various secondary ailments including major depressive disorder and panic disorder.


Jenna T.

Jenna Torres is a Community Advocate and Human Rights Supporter. She is a Published Author, Spoken Word Artist, Entrepreneur, and above all a proud mother to three beautiful children! She believes people have agency to make the best decisions possible in order to survive. She defends them and works with communities to build realistic solution to real life problems like violence, poverty, and discrimination. Jenna’s vision is to empower communities often overlooked and overcriminalized. She has a special place in her heart for young people, especially young moms!


Cora C.

Cora has been in the industry for over a decade and also organizes and hosts events to raise funds for orgs, that provide mental health and body care to femmes and sex workers, and that address and combat labor rights abuses perpetrated by strip clubs. She firmly believes that people like herself with the privilege to work in legal and higher end areas of the industry should contribute significant time and resources to further decriminalization efforts and to fighting the stigmatization that disproportionately effects women of color and trans women. 


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