About Us


We are a new sex worker, volunteer, and member led collective founded with the intentions to: 

Collect and distribute funds for the purposes of providing financial assistance to members of our community who are struggling due to illness, injury, homelessness, wrongful arrest and incarceration, unstable or abusive working conditions, domestic violence, discrimination and other factors that affect their ability to make a living.

Promote and signal boost fundraisers and events for other orgs and individuals in the sex work community.

Sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote sex work advocacy or networking.

Work in partnership with other sex worker led orgs and projects to supplement necessary services and aid visibility for the work that’s already being done in our community.

Support sex worker owned businesses, assist in the building of new sex worker run businesses and offer community resources to ease the transition into other fields for those seeking to diversify their skill set and/or leave the industry.