Guidelines for Fund Requests


-We only take requests through our email, or to be able to keep everything in one easy to keep track of place and to keep your information and identity as safe as reasonably possible. While we do use social media as a verification tool we cannot keep up with requests on multiple platforms at once


-We typically process requests and send out payments Mon-Fri between 12pm-1pm(MST) To be able to complete your request as quickly as possible we need to have the following information:


  1. Verification that you are a struggling, US based SW dependant on online advertising. For verification we are currently accepting ads, work websites, SW social media, or a vouch from a mutual member of our community who we know and trust (if you are comfortable reaching out on FB IG @lysistratamccf or twitter @LysistrataMCCF this often gives us a better feel for who you are and if we have mutual friends who we can reach out to for verification. For your safety, do not mention anything explicit about SW, just that you emailed and the name you used to contact us) If you reached out initially through gmail you may want to send your follow up verification through our encrypted email


We understand that it is often not easy for everyone to come up with verification of their involvement in the industry and we are working on finding more ways to make these funds accessible to these SWs in need. If you are currently working in a legal part of the industry or this is work that is temporarily accessible to you (such as in dungeons, clubs, porn etc…) you have the option of support from your family or partner, or you have the privilege to able to find work in a different industry please be considerate of the fact that this resource is intended for folks who do not have these options


2. The amount you need/what you need it for. We are currently able to typically offer $50 for essentials such as emergency transportation, phone bills, meds and groceries (and are not offering amounts larger than this for white, cis workers) For larger amounts, priority goes to POC and trans folks and we require additional details such as a picture of a bill or rent statement if that’s what you’re seeking help with and a video verification to ensure that the funds are going to the intended recipient. We are currently capping larger amounts and multiple requests at $200 per individual. If you have a large expense or more ongoing needs to cover we are happy to promote a crowdfunding campaign on our social media or set up a fundraiser for you through our website


Since we are dealing with a higher volume of requests than usual and uncertain funding we may prioritize more urgent, immediate needs and ask folks requesting help for things like rent and bills that are not overdue to wait and check in with us closer to the end of the month before we send funds.


3. Your payment details. We are able to send funds via Squarecash, Venmo, Paypal and Western Union